El legado de B.B. King a través de sus canciones

Un recorrido musical por la carrera del fallecido “Rey del blues”.

POR Staff Rolling Stone México  

Un recorrido musical por la carrera del fallecido “Rey del blues”.

Por Regina Lázaro y Ale H. Morando

Riley B. King, mejor conocido como B.B. King, deleitó al mundo con su característico estilo y aterciopelada voz, convirtiéndose en el indiscutible “Rey del blues”.

Acompañado por Lucille, su guitarra y eterna cómplice, King acumuló más de 30 nominaciones al Grammy, de las cuales cosechó 15 preseas, además de grabar colaboraciones con grandes músicos como Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck y U2, por mencionar algunos.

A continuación daremos un breve recorrido por el legado del fallecido monarca del blues, a través de la letra de sus canciones más representativas:

“Goodbye everybody
I believe this is the end
I want you to tell my baby,
Tell her please, please forgive me,
Forgive me for my sins”

“3 O’Clock Blues”  (1951)

“Everyday, every day I have the blues
When you see me worried baby
Because it’s you I hate to lose”

“Everyday I Have the Blues” (1955)

“But one of these days baby
You’re gonna pay a lot of money
Just to hear someone call my name”

“Sweet Sixteen” (1960)

“Don’t care when you go
How long you stay
But good kind treatments
Will bring you back someday”

“Someday Baby” (1961)

“If I stay out all night
Spending my money I tell you that’s all right
Because it ain’t nobody’s business what I do”

“Ain’t Nobody’s Business” (1966)

I ran into a juke-joint when I heard a guitar scream
The notes were turning blue, I was dazed and in a dream.
As the music played I saw my life turn around
That was the day before love came to town”

“When Love Comes to Town” (1988) – U2 feat. B.B. King

“I stepped out of Mississippi when I was ten years old
With a suit cut sharp as a razor and a heart made of gold.
I had a guitar hanging just about waist high
and I’m gonna play this thing until the day i die”

“Riding With the King” (2000) – Eric Clapton feat. B.B. King


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